Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My most favorite dress! The Domino Dollhouse Galaxy dress!!!

When I saw the photo of this dress on the Domino Dollhouse Tumblr, I literally squealed. How gorgeous is it??!! I knew it had to be mine!

I literally stalked the website on the release date and ordered it within 2 minutes of it being posted! Lucky for me, since I heard the site actually froze up for a lot of people and the dress sold out rather quickly.

This dress is so well made and even better in person! It does run a bit big - I ordered a 3X, and I probably could have gone with a 2X. I'm a size 24 US. However, I don't mind, and I always wear a belt to cinch my dresses in, anyway. :)

So here's the outfit I put together. I paired it with some black leggings from Forever21, and my cute studded boots from Kohl's. I went with a denim vest (Old Navy) and my black bow belt from Torrid.

I felt so cute! I got a ton of compliments because the dress is very unique and noticeable.

A few days after receiving the dress, I got these wonderful glitter boots that I knew would look fantastic with it. 

The boots are by Call It Spring, and I got them from JC Penney. They were sold out online last time I checked, and I'm unsure if they're going to re-stock them. As much as I love them, they actually broke the first time I wore them. The sole came apart at the heal. Lucky for me, I have tons of E6000 on hand, so I can glue them back together, but it's still pretty irritating! 

So, basically, this is my most favorite dress and I am so happy that I got it! I've heard people complaining about the $90 price tag, but I have to say that I think it was worth the price. I usually don't spend much on my clothing (I'm a sucker for sales, coupon codes, and discount stores like Ross, Marshall's, and TJ MaXX!).... so even I gasped at the price, but I am SO glad I treated myself to this lovely dress.

Oh, also.... I got my hair professionally done from a lovely lady recently! (Ignore the fantastic face I'm making in the second photo, haha... this just happened to be the best photo of my hair color!) I'm LOVING it! It's nice to have professionally dyed hair for once. :)


  1. Hello lovely, just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Love the dress, I'm debating buying it for myself!


  2. Looks amazing on you!!! How does it fit in the arms? I usually wear a 20/22 but I have rather large upper arms. You said you could have sized down, is there good stretch in the arms? Did that part run big too? Im torn between a 2x or a 3x. Thanks!!


  3. Thank you so much! The arms fit very well and are definitely stretchy! It's made of spandex, so it's super comfortable! :) I wear a size 24/26 on bottom right now and an 18/20 (usually) on top. I'm a 44D. It's the top that is just the slightest bit big on me (as the bottom is just a full skirt). I've washed and dried it several times and it didn't shrink at all. But yeah, as I said, it has a lot of stretch to it! :)