Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Dresses By Eshakti!

Eshakti is currently having a 35% off sitewide sale. Only four more days to go!

However, if you're a new customer (or use a different email from the last time you ordered), you can get $30 off with the code "ALISON47MS".

Make sure to enter it at checkout, and $30 will instantly come off of your total! This is an awesome deal because Eshakti dresses can be quite pricey. With this code and sale, you can get a gorgeous dress for around $20 (or less) total, depending on what item you choose!

And, if you order now, it should get to you by Christmas! I'm ordering the green dress on the top left for Christmas to pair with a red cardigan and shoes, because I love having a theme to my outfits. :)

Eshakti carries sizes 0-36W! That is AMAZING! :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oh, how I love Eshakti!

When I learned about Eshakti last year, I was very excited. It's not often that you come across a site that carries clothing from a size 0-36W. That's amazing!

If you scroll through some of my first posts, there are quite a few reviews I did on dresses I received from Eshakti. Just for kicks, I'll upload some of 'em again... save ya the difficulty. Heh. 

I am quite the fan! Fun dresses for plus size women?! YES PLEASE!

These dresses are some of my favorite that are currently listed on the site:

If you've never ordered from Eshakti before, you can get $30 off of your purchase by using the code "ALISON47MS" at checkout, and everything is currently 35% off!

This skirt is currently on sale for $34.95 on so if you use the code, it's just $4.95 + shipping! That's a HUGE deal! I love this skirt. It's a great staple piece for any wardrobe.

So check out Eshakti. You won't be disappointed. :) 

It's been quite a while!

Hey everyone! So sorry for disappearing on ya! It's been a pretty difficult/exciting year!

What to catch up on first?

Well, Max (the wonderful guy I met last December on Tumblr) and I met in Vegas at the end of September! Yup! I was so excited that I started hoarding outfits months ahead of time. I thought I'd share some outfits from our adventure. We also spent 2 nights in a little house in the middle of Hollywood!

This first photo is the fabulous Tess Munster and I. I actually met Max, his sister, and Tess ALL AT ONCE! Very nerve-wracking! Max took this photo, and even though I was super excited to meet Tess, the smile on my face is because I was looking at Max. I'm wearing the comic strip dress from Torrid with a cardigan from Ross. :)

Tess is wonderful, by the way... and just as gorgeous in person! 

The next day, I got to meet the parents! 0_0 I wore my lovely rose print dress from Torrid (still a favorite!), and attempted victory rolls in my hair. I felt pretty sassy, I must say. I wish I had some better photos, but I was distracted, if ya get my drift. We went to a lovely buffet in the Aria, and then I spent some time with Max and Jade. Jade got an amazing tattoo while Max and I hung out. 

Totally didn't get many photos of my outfits from our stay in Hollywood, except for the one I wore on the last day. The skirt is from Eshakti, and the top is a shirt Max designed... with his face on it. Yup! Here, I'm behind High Voltage Tattoo. 

He snuck in a smooch.

Here Max and I are in front of the Hollywood sign! It was quite a fun drive up there, haha.

It was an awesome few days! Next, I head to Canada. Yup! I'm terrified of flying, but I'm gonna do it. My Passport Application has been sent in, and I'm hoarding the winter clothes, although nothing I wear will be warm enough.

Anyway, I thought I'd throw in a few more of my favorite outfits since I've last posted!

Skull dress is from Torrid. Vest is from Old Navy. Leggings are from Wal-Mart. 

Again, my favorite floral dress from Torrid! Lace top is from DD's Discounts!

This was my outfit from my Niece's Doctor Who themed wedding. I made the skirt from fabric I found on Spoonflower. Top is from Torrid. This is a very Torrid heavy post! Heh.

Lastly, I call this the ketchup and mustard pic, haha. Aren't we cute?

I promise to try and keep this blog updated more often! :) 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I've been busy lately trying to find fun and unique fabrics to make some plus-size skirts for my Etsy shop, and I think I've done a great job! I'm trying to use more licensed fabrics for fans of comics and tv shows, which has been working out well! If only I could find myself some King of the Hill Fabric! I'd be thrilled!

Anywho, I thought I'd share with you some of my more recent skirts. All of the ones pictured should be listed in my Etsy shop and should fit sizes 2X-3X (but check the measurements!), or they can be custom made if listed!

Thanks for looking!!! :D