Saturday, December 31, 2011

My outfits throughout the year

Since the year is almost over, I thought I'd share some of my favorite outfits from 2011. This was the first year where I really began to experiment with my style. I finally started to wear dresses & skirts instead of hiding in jeans and t-shirts. 

I love this denim dress from Forever 21. I believe I scored it for around $15! That cardigan (from Ross) is my favorite and shows up in many of my OOTD posts.

My most favorite denim skirt! It's a high-waisted pencil skirt I purchased from Torrid several years ago during their 50% off clearance sale. I was too insecure to wear it at the time, so it sat in my closet for a good while. The crazy shoes are from Hot Topic.

This is one of my favorite full-body photos of myself. I look happy and confident. That pencil skirt is from Forever 21, and the shirt is from Ross.

That tunic was only $9.99 from Ross! I paired it with leggings ($4.99 from Forever21), and some $10 sandals. Also, the introduction of my most favorite red stretch belt!

I love that shirt from Torrid. I believe I got it during their 50% off clearance sale, as well.  The jeans and cardigan are from Ross.

My Goosebumps skirt! I made it myself from some bedsheets I found at a thrift store. I'm still super proud of it.

My awesome cherry cardigan from Torrid's Retro Chic collection! How perfect does it look with my cat-eye frames?

These are probably my favorite pair of jeans... and they were only $15! This entire outfit is from Ross.

And last, but not least!....

Betty and I on Halloween! The dress is also from Torrid's Retro Chic collection. I was Lucy and Betty was Ethel. 

I'm hoping for lots of happiness in the New Year and hope to gain even more confidence! I'm so thankful to the fatshion community for really helping me discover that I am beautiful just the way I am.

I hope you all have a very happy 2012! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

First order with eShakti!

Today on Tumblr, I saw a photo of this lovely dress on my dashboard:

I immediately had to head on over to to check it out. It's on sale through December 31st for $32.95!

I've never purchased from eShakti before. I've heard of them and I've seen some great fatshion posts featuring lovely dresses from them. I'm not really sure why I hadn't really checked the site out until today, but I'm glad I did!

When I saw this dress, I had to have it. The best part is, when I signed up for an account on their site, they sent me a $20 off gift certificate! They have free shipping  (to the Unites States, I believe), so it was only $12.95 total! That barely covers the cost of shipping, so I basically just got a free dress!

I'll do a review of it once I receive it. I've heard mixed reviews about their quality, but for $12.95, you can't really go wrong... right?

Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Christmas!

I decided to fancy it up for Christmas. I have been feeling a little down lately. The holidays are hard when you're in a long distance relationship. Instead of letting myself have a bad day, I put on a cute outfit and forced myself to be happy.

I bought this awesome cardigan at Sears on clearance for 50% off. I scored it for $25! Red and black is my favorite color combination (be prepared for tons of red & black outfits!), so it had to be mine!

I love nail art. I may not be great at it, but it's still lots of fun! I used my Konad stamping kit to add little hearts to the end of my nails. Konad has so many cute designs, and it ends up being so much cheaper than getting a professional manicure! This design was a little more Valentine's than Christmas, but whatever.

Can I just take a minute and tell you how much I love these shoes?! I have been looking for the perfect pair of flat maryjanes for the longest time! These babies were only $19.99 at Payless! I love them so much that I just might have to buy a second pair.

Here's me and my sweet baby, Betty. She's all dressed up, too!

Outfit details:
Cardigan - Sears (50% off!)
Black dress - Wal-mart from several years back. $19.99
Fishnet tights - Avenue
Maryjanes - Payless $19.99
Belt - Forever 21
Headband - Ross
Earrings - Betsey Johnson (From Ross as well... only $12!)
Necklace - Etsy

My sister and her kids came over for a little while and we all opened presents and ate lots of good food. I made some Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes for dessert. I actually just used a boxed cake mix (I always fail at baking cupcakes from scratch!), but I made the frosting from scratch. 

My Mom got me a leopard print purse and sunglasses! She obviously knows how much I love leopard print, you guys!

So, all in all, I had a pretty decent Christmas. I wish Dan was here to share it with me, but hopefully we'll have many a Christmas in the future to celebrate together.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'll wear stripes if I want to!

They say fat women shouldn't wear horizontal stripes... but I think we should wear whatever the hell we want!

This dress is amazing! Miss Kyla blogged about it on Tumblr, and I rushed out to Old Navy the next day to see if they had it in my size. It was on clearance for $14.99! It's a regular size XL and is super stretchy and comfortable. I have to admit that it did sit in my closet for a while because I was a little too intimidated by the bright colors and bold stripes. I finally decided that I was going to wear it and rock the hell out of it!

Striped dress - Old Navy
Fishnet tights - Avenue
Black vest, shoes, and stretch belt - Ross
Headband & earrings - Claire's

Anchors aweigh!

I fell in love with this cardigan from Torrid as soon as I saw it on their website. I really love 50's pinup fashion, and I was so happy when Torrid started their Retro Chic collection! I have purchased several items from it and they are all fantastic. I love mixing them in with more modern pieces.

I decided to pair it with this pencil skirt and some oxfords. Stretch belts are an everyday accessory for me... I can't live without them! Everything in this outfit was either purchased at a discount store or was on sale!

Cardigan and red stretch belt - Torrid
Ruffle top- Ross
Pencil Skirt - Forever 21
Lace tights - Avenue
Oxfords - Christian Siriano for Payless
Red hat - Wet Seal
Cat-eye glasses - Coastal Contacts
Earrings and ring - Made by myself.

Welcome to my fatshion blog!

Hi there! I'm Ali. I'm a fat, 26 year old woman from Southern California.

I joined Tumblr at the beginning of 2011 and was introduced to the world of "fatshion." I've always loved fashion, but I always felt like I wasn't allowed to express myself with clothes the way thinner women were able to. Discovering all of the wonderful fat fashion bloggers really encouraged me to start dressing the way I wanted to, and I've never felt better!

I've shared my outfits on Tumblr for several months, but I've decided that it was time to create a blog that was completely devoted to my outfits. I am a sucker for good sales. The majority of my wardrobe comes from discount stores (like Ross, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc.), and I'm really good about finding great deals. It's amazing how great of an outfit you can put together even if you don't have lots of $$$ to spend! 

I hope you enjoy this blog! I've never run a blog before, but I'm excited! So stay tuned for lots of outfit posts!