Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's been quite a while!

Hey everyone! So sorry for disappearing on ya! It's been a pretty difficult/exciting year!

What to catch up on first?

Well, Max (the wonderful guy I met last December on Tumblr) and I met in Vegas at the end of September! Yup! I was so excited that I started hoarding outfits months ahead of time. I thought I'd share some outfits from our adventure. We also spent 2 nights in a little house in the middle of Hollywood!

This first photo is the fabulous Tess Munster and I. I actually met Max, his sister, and Tess ALL AT ONCE! Very nerve-wracking! Max took this photo, and even though I was super excited to meet Tess, the smile on my face is because I was looking at Max. I'm wearing the comic strip dress from Torrid with a cardigan from Ross. :)

Tess is wonderful, by the way... and just as gorgeous in person! 

The next day, I got to meet the parents! 0_0 I wore my lovely rose print dress from Torrid (still a favorite!), and attempted victory rolls in my hair. I felt pretty sassy, I must say. I wish I had some better photos, but I was distracted, if ya get my drift. We went to a lovely buffet in the Aria, and then I spent some time with Max and Jade. Jade got an amazing tattoo while Max and I hung out. 

Totally didn't get many photos of my outfits from our stay in Hollywood, except for the one I wore on the last day. The skirt is from Eshakti, and the top is a shirt Max designed... with his face on it. Yup! Here, I'm behind High Voltage Tattoo. 

He snuck in a smooch.

Here Max and I are in front of the Hollywood sign! It was quite a fun drive up there, haha.

It was an awesome few days! Next, I head to Canada. Yup! I'm terrified of flying, but I'm gonna do it. My Passport Application has been sent in, and I'm hoarding the winter clothes, although nothing I wear will be warm enough.

Anyway, I thought I'd throw in a few more of my favorite outfits since I've last posted!

Skull dress is from Torrid. Vest is from Old Navy. Leggings are from Wal-Mart. 

Again, my favorite floral dress from Torrid! Lace top is from DD's Discounts!

This was my outfit from my Niece's Doctor Who themed wedding. I made the skirt from fabric I found on Spoonflower. Top is from Torrid. This is a very Torrid heavy post! Heh.

Lastly, I call this the ketchup and mustard pic, haha. Aren't we cute?

I promise to try and keep this blog updated more often! :) 


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