Saturday, December 24, 2011

Welcome to my fatshion blog!

Hi there! I'm Ali. I'm a fat, 26 year old woman from Southern California.

I joined Tumblr at the beginning of 2011 and was introduced to the world of "fatshion." I've always loved fashion, but I always felt like I wasn't allowed to express myself with clothes the way thinner women were able to. Discovering all of the wonderful fat fashion bloggers really encouraged me to start dressing the way I wanted to, and I've never felt better!

I've shared my outfits on Tumblr for several months, but I've decided that it was time to create a blog that was completely devoted to my outfits. I am a sucker for good sales. The majority of my wardrobe comes from discount stores (like Ross, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc.), and I'm really good about finding great deals. It's amazing how great of an outfit you can put together even if you don't have lots of $$$ to spend! 

I hope you enjoy this blog! I've never run a blog before, but I'm excited! So stay tuned for lots of outfit posts! 

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