Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'll wear stripes if I want to!

They say fat women shouldn't wear horizontal stripes... but I think we should wear whatever the hell we want!

This dress is amazing! Miss Kyla blogged about it on Tumblr, and I rushed out to Old Navy the next day to see if they had it in my size. It was on clearance for $14.99! It's a regular size XL and is super stretchy and comfortable. I have to admit that it did sit in my closet for a while because I was a little too intimidated by the bright colors and bold stripes. I finally decided that I was going to wear it and rock the hell out of it!

Striped dress - Old Navy
Fishnet tights - Avenue
Black vest, shoes, and stretch belt - Ross
Headband & earrings - Claire's

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