Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eshakti never disappoints!

Mom and I went out to lunch and did some shopping today, so I decided to wear my latest Eshakti dress. I got this dress from the overstock section, and after using some coupon codes, it came out to about $30! You couldn't even buy the fabric for that price. =)

The skirt is so full on this dress. I love it! 

I wore my white peep-toe flats from Blowfish. They are my favorite shoe company.... I'd be embarrassed to mention how many pairs of Blowfish shoes I own! Haha.

I made this sweater clip a while back. I really love wearing sweater clips! Also, the cardigan is from Kohl's, and the red belt is from Torrid.

Here you can see my button ring (also made by me) and my nail art. =)

I tried curling my hair, but it fell flat within 10 minutes. Oh well. Life goes on... 

Last, but not least, my favorite hair flower. Also, made by me. I'm pretty crafty, if you couldn't tell. 

I felt really good in this outfit. If you're looking for a nice dress, seriously check out Eshakti. I have loved every dress I've ordered from them. New customers get $20 off their order, and they usually have a good sale going on. 

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. Um, can you please come to my house and teach me all your crafty skills? I am hoping to start sewing soon, but I have skills (currently!)

    you look fabulous!

    1. Aaww... thank you so much! I've been craftin' since I was a teenager. My Mom was always really crafty, so I guess I got it from her, haha.